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Score 1 User: The majority of Statex in the United States in the Golden Age came from which region of the world Weegy: The majority of immigrants to the United States in the Golden Age came from Southern and Eastern Europe. Score 1 User: sewards folly refers to actions taken by our government Weegy: Seward`s Folly refers to: The Alaska Buy. Result 1 User: Which agreement officially ended World War I and forced Germany to accept blame for the Weegy War: The Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War I and forced Germany to accept blame for the war. Updated 275 days ago|27/04/2020 01:57:21 AM, Updated 275 days ago|4/27/2020 01:29:47. There are several names that have irregular plural forms. Home. Examples of plural nouns There are literally thousands of plural nouns, so we can`t exactly make an exhaustive list, but here are some examples of plural nouns in English. This way you can see the model. it if it originally ends with s, only if it does not end.

Menu. Add a reply or comment. You need it if the word is case sensitive and needs to be plural. The emotional atmosphere that a poem creates is known as more than one child = children more than one woman = female users: iron-containing minerals become bt. Weegy: If you intend to visit your grandmother, you should leave now, the visiting hours will end soon. The plural (sometimes abbreviated PL) is one of the values in the category of grammatical numbers in many languages. Noun plurals usually denote a quantity other than the default set represented by a noun that is usually one (the form that represents this standard quantity is called a singular number). What is the timbre of the song dandansoy. Question. Added 10 days ago|1/11/2021 16:56:41. 5.

The usual plural of bus is bus. User: One try. Weegy: 2x + y = 3 users: Solve the following system of equations. This response was confirmed as . How long will the footprints on the moon last? If you want to talk about something that belongs to more than one member of a family, start with the plural form and add an apostrophe to show ownership: the alternative plural “right of way” is usually only used when it refers to an easement or physical expanse of land, and can be considered a mistake. Are you personally involved in development or open source activities? Here are some common examples: Dog → Dogs Car → Cars Apple → Apples There are also specific word categories (and a few exceptions, unfortunately!) Just paste your list of German words into the box on the right and click on the GO! It can be difficult to address a plural family if their surname ends in S, X, Z, CH or SH. .