Vendor Access Agreement

This Standard applies to any person or entity with which UTSA enters into contracts to provide services related to information resources, as well as to persons in the UTSA organization who sponsor a lender or consultant. A violation of this directive may lead to disciplinary action that may include termination of staff, termination of business relationships for contractors or consultants. In addition, individuals are subject to the loss of St. Mary`s University Information Resources access privileges and civil and criminal prosecutions. Third parties are liable for the payment of damages resulting from disclosure, violation, data loss or other events endangering university data. The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) recognizes that suppliers and other contractors play an important role in the development and/or support of services, hardware and software and, in some cases, in the operation of computer networks, servers and/or applications. This standard applies to contracts entered into by UTSA that include third-party access to information resources or academic data by third parties. The physical access of third parties to the data centre is imposed in accordance with the Data Centre Access Directive and requires the permission and authorization of an Information Services Director. Third-party access to data centre facilities must sign a confidential information agreement before accessing the St. Mary`s University network. Third-party access is temporary. The objective of this directive is to implement a series of measures to reduce the information security risks associated with third-party access and third-party responsibilities and information protection at St. Mary`s University.

This directive also applies to all persons responsible for the installation of new academic information methods that provide access to third parties for the maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of existing information systems. Third parties must comply with all applicable university rules, policies and standards and agreements, including, but not limited to: St. Mary`s University will provide an information point of contact for the third party.