Validity Of Hypothecation Agreement

Thank you for your reply. According to the URL below, the user can pay mortgage fees and complete other formalities by visiting the RTO office to proceed. Hello, I failed to complete the mortgage withdrawal process within 90 days of receiving NOC from ICICI Back. Now, what process do I need to follow to remove the mortgage from my car? Please help and give some instructions. I have a fundamental question here, I searched a lot on the net, but I could not find. I hope you will answer that. Once the loan is repaid, it`s ready. Why are bank documents valid? Once the loan is over, it`s over forever. Is it a new way of doing business to get extra fees from those who don`t do formalities? Since the guarantee offers a guarantee to the lender due to the guarantees mortgaged by the borrower, it is easier to guarantee a loan and the lender may offer a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan. Thank you for coming. As far as we know, you can present the RC copy and confirmation. Your RC is valid even if the mortgage has not been removed.

We hope this information will help you! Hello, I have requested the removal of the mortgage and I have received a confirmation valid for 30 days. I have to make a trip to the state during this period. Can I show the copy of the RC at the same time as the confirmation if I am asked to show the CR in another state? Will it work? In the hope of the answer soon. 1&2. The validity of the document depends on the nature of the agreement and its duration is clearly mentioned in the agreement. 3. Documents shall be checked after their expiry and renewed accordingly. For long-term loan documents, the documents are reviewed every two years. To cancel your mortgage, you must go to the RTO where you registered the vehicle. Unfortunately, no other RTO can do this. Ask who the verification officer is. Submit all your documents to the RTO Audit Manager.

The official enters the details into the system. Another staff member will approve the data entered into the system. Then you need to go to the payment counter to pay the mortgage cancellation fee. Submit all your documents to the agent who approved your documents. Show proof of payment to the agent. You will receive a date on which you can return to the RTO….