University Of London Library Access Agreement

Please note that users must register for this type of access on a Friday before 5:00 p.m., visitors must comply with library rules and regulations. Visitors and external members do not have access to the library`s computer functions due to licensing restrictions. To register as an NHS member, you can complete this form online or visit the library in person Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm at the University of London Central Library with a research collection on the arts, humanities, humanities and social sciences. Students and city staff can apply online via the pre-registration form to access the Senate library. That, as part of the agreement, individual libraries may require applicants to prove that they must consult the material held in that library. This application criterion means that students should not expect to be able to use other libraries exclusively for the study room or for simplicity and convenience. Students have automatic access to the library. He is allowed to borrow up to 15 items. More details: See the subscription to the library of St. George`s School of Medicine. Access to the library is at the discretion of the Associate Director of Information Services and is subject to the following conditions: visitors only have access to printed information resources, copies and the catalogue of the online library.

For more information: See information about visitors to the Birkbecker Library. Your application is processed by your original library. Wait times vary; For more information, please contact your original establishment. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an approval email with more details on participation in the program. Contact the library in advance to make an appointment for a visit. Unique reference access is also available by providing your current home ID card to the Servicedesk or the library entrance you want to access. The current position We regret that the SCONUL access scheme is being suspended due to the current pandemic. This means that we cannot process new applications or renew applications and that participating libraries do not accept visitors from other libraries as part of the program.

We are concerned that there are no exceptions to this rule. This is due to the fact that the capacities of member libraries are severely limited due to the need for social renunciation. Universities, including university libraries, are required to comply with government guidelines on this issue, which means that, in most cases, libraries are unable to assist outside visitors.