M.m. Agreement Uno Srl

The order resulting from the secondary tender as part of the long-term REF agreement. GP500147 is carried out with computer consolidators for the supply of tablets for planned use in Benin. The OAI aims to create a pool of qualified service providers to conclude long-term agreements for the completion of AUDITs of DIM projects. The duration of the LTA is from March 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023. . . . . The National Youth Institute, as part of its objective of examining and proposing legal initiatives in relation to the situation of young people, has developed a series of one-off studies, to learn more about the views of chilean youth on innovative topics and/or LBN-CO-RFP-37-20 Providing professional services for urban planning and detailed Al Tall Area Sustainable Urban Renovation Double-alaluminium PV1 Gate (including quincallera) Preparation of design and monitoring for the repair and redevelopment of Lot V objects for kindergartens, Joint School Haxhi Qira, Skenderbeu High School, 9 years shaqir Lleja school in Kruje municipality and 9 years old Tahir Sinani school in Kamez municipality.” The services of inventory and assessment of the ecological condition of agricultural land and the determination of the ecological flow of the Sharyn River projects must respond to validated global technological solutions or prototypes tested in conditions similar to those of exploitation in real environments (POINT 6), the result of the activities of R and; D (Annex 2). Delivery meeting and possible comments to manuals delivered Long Term Agreement for the provision of HVAC Preventive Maintenance Services for the UN/World Bank Office in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The delivery of tractors has been entrusted to Unit Export, United Kingdom.

Objective Compliance Report 5 and Final Report and Summary. This report should contain a detailed report on key issues for the gradual development of new laws, regulations, regulations and other standards, formal, non-formal and informal, which could promote the implementation of the technical-professional framework, give the Government of Puebla the tools and knowledge to develop a strategy to promote the systematization of local statistical information, based on the standardization of existing administrative data sets throughout the unit, with the aim of having a local diagnosis in the field of sustainable development and strengthening the development of relevant public policies.