Development Agreement Pursuant To Municipal Government Act

(3) An official community plan must include targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the territory covered by the plan, as well as the strategies and actions of local authorities proposed to achieve those objectives. (a) the paid development falls into a category which, according to the rules, is exempt from the costs of acquiring school sites; 8. A local authority may, in a regulation on development costs, define, for the purposes of paragraph 7 (a), an area greater than the area otherwise applicable, subject to the maximum area allowed by the regulation referred to in point (b) of paragraph 11. (a) a projection of the number of fee-paying development units to be approved or established in the school district within the time limit set by the Minister in accordance with section 142 of the Schools Act for planning the acquisition of school sites; 502 (1) It is only for the purposes of subsections 2 and 3 that a local government may require, as a precondition for the granting of a land use authorization, that the applicant for the authorization provide security in an amount such as that indicated in the authorization by the applicant chosen by the applicant: (6) A local government may provide in a development costs by-law, a tax on development costs must be paid in accordance with the statutes for a building permit referred to in paragraph 5. (ii) the development authorized by the building permit is entirely within the area of the land that is the subject of the application, or (2) A local government must receive a report on housing needs at a meeting open to the public. 3. A housing contract must not derogate from the use or density authorized by the zoning by-law in force. (c) may require the developer to provide a guarantee acceptable to the Council in order to ensure compliance with the agreement. (d) to pay the principal and interest on a debt incurred by a local government as a result of an issue referred to in points (a), (b) or (c); 3. If a statute referred to in paragraph 1 provides for a time limit for requesting, the time limit for a specific application may be modified by the agreement of at least 2/3 of the members of the local administration having the right to vote on the application. “provincial guidance” means the environmental directives, strategies, objectives, standards, guidelines and management plans with respect to flood protection, flood risk management and flood development developed and published by the Minister of the Environment in accordance with section 5 of the Environmental Management Act; (d) an evolution designed to have a low impact on the environment. 5.

The developer may assign a phased planning contract to a subsequent owner of the land referred to in the agreement only if (i) the local government or the local government. 469 (1) If a local government makes a delegation in the context of one or more public hearings, (b) it enters into an agreement with the municipality or regional district. For the construction and installation of the necessary works and services up to a specified date or if the municipality or regional district has cancelled the amount guaranteed under point (a). .