Cscb General Agency Agreement

by the customer, by advances referred to in paragraph 4, beyond the payments payable in respect of the customer`s transactions with Canadian customs or other government departments (f) The customs agent is not responsible for errors of assessment or what he may do or anything he may refrain from, nor for damages or losses resulting from the negligence of the customs agent or a case of force majeure or other acts or causes; that are outside the appropriate control of the customs officer. The customs officer is not responsible for the non-provision of services due to the application of the laws in force of Canada or another country or to a change in The directives of the Canadian Customs. This power is and remains fully in force and effective until my lawyer has been informed in writing by registered letter, the declaration of withdrawal not taking effect at any time if a sum is due and due but is not paid to my lawyer or if an obligation on my part is due to my lawyer, but that it is not respected. This Agreement shall remain in force until terminated by mutual agreement between the Parties. This Agreement and the Power of Employment may be executed in equivalents and transmitted by original copies or facsimile which, if considered together as a binding agreement and power. I guarantee you and I assure you that the person who executes this document is my duly accredited signatory, with all the power and power to commit me. Brokerage rates are based on the expected volumes indicated. The volume is checked every six months from the date of account activation to ensure compliance with our mutual agreement. Prices may be adjusted based on actual volume and are subject to change without notice. All prices are listed in Canadian funds….