Conservation Agreement Epbc Act

The Australian Fisheries Authority must enter into agreements in accordance with Section 1 for the evaluation of fisheries measures managed in accordance with the Fisheries Management Act 1991. An agreement must be reached whenever it is proposed to develop or terminate a management plan, not to have a plan. An agreement must be concluded within five years of the coming into force of this Act for all fisheries that did not have projects at that time. The main disadvantage of Commonwealth conservation agreements is that, in many situations, the Commonwealth probably does not grant them. Agreements already concluded suggest that they are more likely to offset development with environmental conditions and that they are only used for purely natural purposes in unique areas of high environmental importance. (ii) belongs to the class of activities which constitute fishing (as defined by this Act) which is managed in accordance with Commonwealth law on the basis of an agreement provided for in section 71 or 72 of this Act before the commencement of this Section; and (1a) When considering whether to include habitats in the list, the Minister shall consider potential habitat conservation benefits. 1.44 In his speech at second reading on the bill, Greg Hunt, Minister of the Environment, stated that it was important for the creation of a single window for environmental approvals to allow the inclusion of the water trigger in bilateral licensing agreements. The inclusion of the water trigger would create a uniform approach to all issues of national environmental interest and allow for the accreditation of state and territorial processes that meet the required high environmental standards. [40] (4) The Minister may, by legislation, approve an international agreement for the purposes of subsection 3 if the Minister is satisfied that it is an agreement important for the conservation of migratory species. An Act relating to environmental protection and biodiversity conservation and, for related purposes, Note 2: If the Minister approves a policy, plan or program contained in a management agreement or authorization procedure, the Minister may, in accordance with section 33, declare or enter into a bilateral agreement declaring that the measures are being taken: approved in accordance with the management agreement or authorisation procedure, for the purposes of a specific provision of Part 3.

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