Common Sense Media Family Media Agreement

The last page of the agreement contains fields that must be filled in based on the conversation below. I love how Common Sense Media realizes that all families can have different needs and that they offer enough space for children and parents to come to their own understanding. Anyone can create a media deal just for your family, and especially if you have kids who use mobile devices, surf the internet, or play interactive platforms such as Minecraft or Club Penguin, you should consider this step. Thank you very much for this article. I agree with almost everything you have said and we are putting our family agreement in place tonight. It is a signed and binding agreement. This is serious. And if your kids like and want to keep their devices, there are certain rules that should apply. What I like about this agreement is that the parents` play recognizes that online time is important for kids – because it is.

Yes. We are a digital family in the digital age, and it`s time to put all the important things on the table. It is signed. With ink. It`s huge. Let me know! I`m always here to find better ways to cope with this big task of educating our digital kids! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Common Sense Media for everything you do to keep my online family smart, safe and strong! Common Sense Media is a site that every family should quickly accommodate for so many reasons. If you scroll through the pages, you will see how the contract covers a wide age group: from primary school to high school. Whether your children are young or old, media has a big impact on their daily lives. It`s never too early to think about how families are using technology. Common Sense Media has launched a family media agreement to help parents create common ground and mutual understanding with their school-aged children, in order to stay safe and vigilant online.